A visit to Chegworth Valley

Last week, Nicola, Mark and Cecilia from the Hospitality Team went to visit one of our suppliers, Chegworth Valley, which have been supplying us with great juices for years. Here’s an account of this “behind the scene” visit.

Orchards at Chegworth Farm

Chegworth Farm is located near Harrietsham, Kent, around 50 miles from London. It is therefore a local supplier, which means that deliveries from this farm respond to our commitments to make minimal impact on the environment and maintain low carbon emissions.

The team was first taken to the pressing plant where fruits are processed to become juice. Thousands of bottles go out of the production line every day. Different flavours are available such as cox and bramley apple, apple and beetroot, pear and apple, apple and rhubarb, apple and ginger, apple and raspberries and simply apple of course. You will be able to taste apple and ginger as the latest addition to our Café range very soon!

Chegworth bottle plant

The visit continued to the orchards and the tunnels, under the sun, where a few apples were still waiting to be picked. Our Team didn’t need to be told twice! You can see Mark below doing some “quality testing” with a freshly picked apple.

Mark at Chegworth Valley

Most of the fruits used to produce Chegworth Valley juices are grown on the farm: raspberries, strawberries, pears and… apples! The farm also grows vegetables like kale, aubergines (yes, aubergines do grow in England!) and leaks. Some of those vegetables are delivered to us and used in our Café and Restaurant for our salad bar. All the fruits and vegetables are naturally grown, hence respecting our environmental commitments.

Kale from Chegworth Valley

Maintaining a strong link with our suppliers, getting to know them more and working in a respectful way is part of the “friendly way” and our commitments. Find them here.

Thanks to the Team at Chegworth Valley and Vikkie for showing us around. It was a great sunny day in the lovely Kent countryside!