Cleaning and hygiene

We know that with COVID-19, cleaning and hygiene are key. We have taken extra measures to ensure the venue is kept clean at all times.

We know that cleaning and hygiene are of paramount importance when talking about COVID-19. This is why we are introducing a new cleaning regime that will go even further than our usual exceptional standards. Starting with a robust deep cleaning of the venue before reopening. We will also retrain all of our in-house cleaning team. And once customers and staff are back, we will have key measures in place. We have listed these measures and grouped them by area, along with our new protocols.

Public areas

  • Enhanced sanitisation of customer and staff areas to minimise the possibility of infection,
  • Regular cleaning of high touchpoints throughout the day including door, handrails, lift push buttons, and control panels.
  • Ongoing cleaning outside of normal hours of occupation.


Regular cleaning of higher risk areas including toilets.


Enhanced deep cleaning of kitchen and catering areas.


  • Appointment of specialist cleaning contractors,
  • Close work with our retained Health and Safety professionals to ensure measures taken comply fully with government guidelines.