Coronavirus update

Find out about our latest updates regarding our closure and how we are taking care of your event bookings on our dedicated Coronavirus update page.

Friends House closure

In response to the public health advice issued by the Government, we have decided to close Friends House up to and including 31 July. This is to protect the health of our staff, customers and community. As a consequence, no meetings or events will take place in the venue. The Quaker Centre Bookshop and Café, the Seed Kitchen restaurant and the Library are also closed.

If you have an upcoming booking with us

We want help relieve some of the concerns you may have about cancelling events you have booked with us. We will treat all confirmed bookings up to and including 31 July as cancelled. If you have questions for bookings beyond 31 July, please contact the Sales and Events team.

Should you wish to reschedule your event at a later date, the team will be able to assist you. Please, note that they are working remotely, so we kindly ask that you contact them via email only.

Supporting Quakers in Britain

As you are aware, the commercial income from our company supports the charitable work of Quakers in Britain. This situation continues to have a direct effect on the amount that we can gift the charity at the end of the year. So we hope that you will re-book with us as soon as you have a viable date for your event and, where possible, allow us retain any prepaid deposit towards future bookings.

We wish all our customers the very best in these challenging times. We hope to welcome you to our venue again in the future.

The Friends House team