Friends House Letting Policy


Lettings of rooms in Friends House are undertaken to raise income and to help pay the running costs of the building. It is also a valuable opportunity to publicise Quaker work and beliefs.

Facilities are offered to a great variety of organisations as a general reflection of Quakers long held belief in the rights of everyone to express diverse opinions. Friends House offers a valuable safe meeting place for many groups. 

Any organisation may hire any part of Friends House normally available for lettings. Bookings from external customers are made on the following basis:

  • Written details are requested from new groups detailing their aims and policies before bookings can be made in Friends House
  • Provisional bookings may be made orally
  • Booking are not formally accepted until written confirmation is received
  • All bookings are subject to our standard terms and conditions of letting which are sent to every customer
  • Standard Room Hire Terms & Conditions cover the following features:
    • Methods of booking
    • Rights reserved to charge cancellation fees
    • Indemnity and damages
    • The hirer’s responsibility whilst on the premises including matters relating to health & safety, maintenance, cleanliness and hirer’s property on site.
    • Conditions for advertising, the sale of literature and for TV and radio recording by hirers
    • Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted
    • The Society’s right of access to all parts of the building at all times
    • The Society’s right to cancel bookings without giving reasons

A booking may be refused if:

  • The aims and policies of the organisation or individual are in serious conflict with Quaker beliefs. Written details of the aims or policies of new groups wishing to hold meetings in Friends house are normally requested
  • The Hirer and/or Guests has/have ever been linked to violence or incitement to hatred or violence on or off the Premises.
  • Violence or the encouragement of violence at a meeting may reasonably be anticipated
  • Contravention of fire or health and safety regulations may reasonably be anticipated
  • Misbehaviour has occurred at a previous meeting organised by the organisation or individual in question
  • A hirer persistently breaches Friends House Room Hire Terms and Conditions

Doubtful cases are always referred to the Head of Operations. When the activities of a customer seem to be contrary with, or be directly prejudicial to, the work of the Society, the Head of Operations will consult relevant staff in other Departments and, if necessary, refer to the Recording Clerk. If doubtful cases cannot be decided easily then the potential hirer should be informed of the delay so that they have time to make alternative arrangements.

This policy and standard conditions of letting are reviewed periodically and are subject to change to meet the changing needs of the premises and the Society.