Baking the Difference at Friends House

Friends House has been working with the London Pathways Partnership (LPP) to launch our Bake the Difference programme. The programme helps provide training and support to people who have a diagnosis of personality disorder and a history of offending or antisocial behaviour. It aims to help the people on the programme integrate into society.

A man's hands holding fresh bread

The programme teaches those involved practical and theoretical cooking and baking skills. Paul Grey, CEO of Friends House Hospitality said:

“In 2015, we made a commitment to offer employment opportunities to disenfranchised groups. The Bake the Difference programme honours that commitment. I am so pleased that Friends House’s partnership with the LPP is going well. By completing the programme, the participants will have learned valuable new skills that will help them find secure employment in the future.”

By the end of their first day baking, the participants had already made their first loaf of bread. They then demonstrated their decorating skills by making a birthday cake for a staff member. 

A handmade birthday cake that reads 'Happy Birthday'

Jamie Scott, Catering and Restaurant Manager for Friends House describes the work they have done so far:

“The kitchen has been buzzing with the sounds of the bakers at work. The staff have enjoyed the smells of made cooked bread and cakes baking.

During the first week, the team produced a selection of different types of bread including white, wholemeal and potato and rosemary. They also produced 7 different types of round cakes for a function at Friends House.”

The Bake the Difference project lasts for a full academic year. Upon completing the programme, the participants will receive a Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship certificate. This certification will help them find stable employment in the future.

There will be regular updates on the Bake the Difference project throughout the year. Keep up to date with the project by following us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.