Friends House Restaurant is a 3-Star Sustainability Champion!

Friends House Restaurant is now a Three Star Sustainability Champion! The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) gave us an overall score of 83% for our sustainability efforts and commitments. Pretty good, right!?

Our Restaurant is in the top 6% of SRA members in the UK and in the TOP 3 % of SRA members in London. This is a great achievement for our Team, who put a lot of passion and a great dose of love in sourcing, cooking and serving great sustainable food.

For us, it is a little bit like being awarded the Michelin Stars of sustainability and we intend to improve our score year after year. We already did, as our score actually increased from 74% to 83% between 2014 and 2015.

The SRA assessed 14 key sustainability areas to produce their report. Those areas were related to “sourcing”, “society” and “environment”. We received the staggering score of 100% on treating our staff fairly, 98% on using Fair Trade products and 94% in using recycled materials for our catering.

But what does this mean for you, the customer? It means that you can eat at Friends House Restaurant with the guarantee that we are sustainable to the utmost level in the plate and outside the plate. We put great care in our food and on the way we treat people, and this has been recognised on a national level.

So if you want a taste of sustainability, come eat at the tables of one of London’s sustainability champion!