Friends House Staff Conference 2019

Our annual Staff Conference took place last month. Members of the Facilities, Catering, Sales and Events and Management Teams all came together to discuss what it means to work at Friends House and our collective aims for the Company going forward. We also spent time celebrating our achievements from the last year.

Friends House Staff Conference

A Time to Celebrate

Last year, our Facilities team won the prestigious Platinum Loo of the Year Award. This award recognises excellent bathroom facilities that are well maintained – something our customers are quick to comment on! Our Events Team was also awarded Bronze for Best Customer Service, 300+ Attendees at the London Venue Awards in September. 

We also celebrated Gift-Aiding a record high number to BYM, the charity that owns the Company. This was partly from holding more hours at events at Friends House than ever before, as well as a higher number of visitors to Swarthmoor Hall, a historic house in Cumbria managed by the Company. 

Friends House Awards

Our Sustainable Goals

As a green venue, Friends House uses 100% renewable electricity and responsibly sourced biogas to power the building. Our catering is also very sustainable, using seasonal organic and Fairtrade ingredients. 

In early 2019 we celebrated 10 years of being one of the founding members of the Camden Climate Change Alliance and received an award to celebrate our environmental commitments.  Now we have signed the MIA pledge to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in the building by a further 20% by 2025. 

The Teams discussed what else we would like to see being done in the venue to make us more sustainable. All of the suggestions were very well received and taken up by our management team to be implemented in the future.

Sustainable Development Goals

Looking Ahead

In our 2018 Annual Review, we announced our new name – Quiet Company. We feel that this name truly reflects our brand’s values and goals, as well as representing our values as a Quaker-owned company. As Quiet Company we will consider the three Ps (as outlined by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) when making business decisions – People, Planet and Profit. 

Our Bake the Difference Programme started in 2018 and has produced excellent results. Not only have the participants been able to learn new skills but they have also noted marked improvements in their personal lives. The Programme has now had its funding renewed so that it can continue.

It was a successful staff conference and all the teams bonded well about our aims for Friends House. With their support, Friends House can grow to be even better and more sustainable. 

Find out more about holding your next event at Friends House. Call 0207 663 1100 to speak to a member of our Events Team, or fill in an online enquiry form.