Our Annual Review 2017 has arrived!

Annual Review 2017: celebrating ten years

This 2017 edition of our annual review marks ten years of operation for the company. Friends House (London) Hospitality Ltd was created in 2007, as the sole trading company of Quakers in Britain.The company is responsible for running the commercial activities at Friends House, London, the centrally managed offices of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM), the charity of Quakers in Britain. The work BYM does is funded by different contributions, including the profit generated via room lettings and retail operations at Friends House. Download The Company Annual Review 2017 [PDF: 2.02MB].

Being an ethical and sustainable Quaker business

Over the last ten years, the company has been committed to being an ethical and sustainable business, following the tradition of Quaker businesses. 2017 has been the most successful year to date for the company, which means a rising Gift Aid for BYM (£965k), more people through the doors of Friends House (357,000 visitors) and more awareness of the Quaker faith, actions and values.

Living our values

In 2015, the company defined its set of values: heartfelt, responsible, loving and pioneering. These values guide the company in the way it deals with the community, its customers, staff, and suppliers. The company is committed to offering employment opportunities to local people including disenfranchised groups. A rising additional income has made more projects possible, such as Douglas House Project. This project was recognised at the Food Made Good Awards 2017 where Friends House won the ‘Support the Community Award’. Last year, a suspended soup scheme was also launched in the café.

The first award and accreditation from the event industry marked a milestone for the company too. Last year, the Meetings Industry Association and the London Venue Awards both rewarded the quality of the venue and the care given to customers.

In 2017, we also continued our work on sustainability. In the annual review, we included a case study about Looker Energy, a wind farm located in Cambridgeshire and which provides Friends House with renewable energy.

Our goals for 2018

Proving that a business can be ethical and sustainable is a real challenge. Ten years on, the equation between respecting people and the planet, while creating a surplus for BYM is working. In 2018, the company will continue to live by its values. People, the planet and the services offered will be its priorities.