Partnering with London Pathways Partnership to help ex-offenders

In 2015 Friends House Hospitality made a commitment to “offer employment opportunities to local people including disenfranchised groups”. 

Since then we have been working with London Pathways Partnership (specifically the Douglas House Project) to offer training placements.

DHP is a residential facility and an outreach service to people who have a diagnosis of personality disorder and a history of offending or antisocial behaviour. The objective of the service is to achieve people's integration into the community. 

London Pathways Partnership (LPP) brings together four mental health trusts, all of whom have a longstanding history and recognised expertise, in delivering effective psychological approaches to complex high-risk offenders. Their aim is to develop services which are easily accessible and responsive to need, and which deliver high quality but value for money interventions which support both service users and staff.

One of these services will be the ‘Bake the Difference’ programme at Friends House, which will be managed by the Training and Development Chef.

LPP will refer users to the programme and we will give them training and a qualification that will enable them to seek employment. All of the goods baked will be used in our catering departments.