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On Tuesday 30 November, event professionals gathered at Friends House for the “No Planning – No Planet” event. Participants talked about food waste in the industry and how we might reduce it. The event was organised in partnership with Quiet Company, Greengage Solutions, Trident Hospitality and UK Harvest. Tackling food waste to tackle climate change […]

01 Dec 2021 | Written by: Cecilia B

And it’s a win for Friends House at the London Venue and Catering Awards 2021! We’re delighted to have won the award for Best Client Support During Covid-19. It’s always a great achievement to see our work acknowledged by our peers from the events industry. But this year, winning really feels different. A great win […]

22 Nov 2021 | Written by: Cecilia B

Like many others in the Hospitality industry, we are facing severe supply and resourcing issues at the moment. This is likely to impact our catering offerings. Unfortunately, we might be unable to provide you with the level of service that you are used to receiving from us. Currently we are unable to guarantee that we […]

29 Sep 2021 | Written by: Cecilia B

We have been shortlisted as a finalist at the London Venue & Catering Awards 2021! Not in one but in two categories: Best Client Support During Covid-19 Best London Venue Covid-19 Response It’s a great achievement for our team! Despite very difficult circumstances, they were able to adapt in what has been the most challenging […]

28 Sep 2021 | Written by: Cecilia B

Have you just scrolled through our website and didn’t understand all the terms? Our event planning glossary is here to help you. It’s easy to get lost with all these words relating to meetings and events. Especially if you’re new at event planning. And if you’re not, it’s always good to have a refresh from […]

20 Sep 2021 | Written by: Cecilia B

Friends House is surrounded by some of the most popular London attractions. If we tell you British Library, British Museum, Regent’s Park, King’s Cross station, we’re sure they all ring a bell. Step out at the end of your event or during your meeting breaks and enjoy some of London’s most well-known landmarks. Great facilities, […]

09 Sep 2021 | Written by: Cecilia B

Following the latest announcement from the Government that most restrictions will be lifted, we are really looking forward to welcoming more customers back into our venue. We would still like you to feel safe during your visit, so we will keep the following measures in place to help ensure that your events and our staff […]

14 Jul 2021 | Written by: Cecilia B

We have hosted many types of events at Friends House over the years. Thousands of delegates came to our venue for conferences, graduations, training, and more. Some also attended events you would not necessarily think of when you see our venue. What if we told you that we once had an art performance, including a […]

25 Nov 2020 | Written by: Cecilia B

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