Our commitments

We rely on strong Quaker values to guide us in everything we do and say. We are heartfelt, loving, pioneering and responsible.

The Friendly way

In 2016, we organised a few workshops with our staff to know what it meant for them to work for a Quaker business. The result was "the friendly way" concept: a virtuous circle for the community, customers, ourselves, suppliers, and staff.


Suppliers' minimum requirements

Quiet Company values the importance of strong open relationships with our partners and suppliers. We encourage a diverse supply chain and actively choose to work with companies that align with our ethics and values. Your suitability to become a supplier to Quiet Company will typically be managed through an open and fair selection process, sometimes as part of a competitive process. Regardless of the procurement approach, there is a set of minimum requirements that we expect all of our suppliers to meet where evidence may be requested. If you are a smaller company, we will always take a reasonable approach so that you are not disadvantaged, and we can maintain our commitment to engaging with all sizes of companies in a fair and transparent manner. Please see our Supplier Minimum Requirements below where you can register your interest in becoming a supplier to the Quiet Company.