At Friends House, we are committed to sustainability. We want to reduce our impact on the environment while procuring goods and services in an ethical way. We take action to reduce our carbon emissions, cut our waste, choose local sourcing and preserve our ecosystem. With us, events don’t cost the earth. Our initiatives have had some very visible results and a positive impact on our business. We have listed some of our sustainability policies and achievements below:

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Energy saving

  • We have installed motion-activated lighting in common areas to reduce wasted energy.
  • We replaced our boilers with new energy efficient models to help reduce our energy needs.
  • We have fitted solar film to external windows to help keep our building cooler during the summer months.
  • Friends House may be a Grade II listed building built in the 1920s, but all our windows are secondary-glazed.
  • Whilst refurbishing our meeting rooms and offices, we have insulated all of our external walls.
  • We have automatic closers on our external doors to help keep heat in during the colder months.
  • We installed a building management system (BMS) to control our heating and ventilation.
  • We have high-performance hand dryers that only use around ⅕ of the energy of conventional dryers.
  • We upgraded our printers to devices with one of the lowest energy consumption levels in the industry.

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Catering and procurement

  • Where possible we use fresh and locally sourced ingredients in our meeting rooms, café and restaurant.
  • We have reduced the amount of animal products in our meeting rooms catering. At a minimum, our menus are 40% vegetarian and vegan.
  • Our Seed Kitchen restaurant only serves vegetarian and vegan food. We switched to meat-free meals as a way to limit our impact on the environment. (Our restaurant is currently closed to the public, we hope to reopen it soon)

Water management

  • In 2016, we installed a rainwater harvesting system in our garden.
  • To reduce our water usage, we have installed dual-flush toilets, and motion sensors on taps and urinals.
  • We bottle and filter our own water.
  • We have water dispensers on every floor of the venue.

Green energy

  • We only purchase green energy, including 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy.
  • Our energy is free from any form of fossil fuels or nuclear energy sources.
  • Where possible, we have replaced all our light fittings with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Carbon reduction

  • We work with avieco (formerly Carbon Smart) an environmental consultancy, to capture our carbon footprint.
  • We have reduced our carbon footprint by 29% since 2009.

Waste minimisation

  • We have a zero waste to landfill policy and have managed year on year to maintain our zero waste objective.
  • All our waste is recycled and treated by our supplier First Mile.
  • Our staff are encouraged to recycle in the building. There are recycling points on every floor of the venue and in every office space.
  • We signed the Meetings Industry Association’s 20PercentLess pledge – committing to reduce our use of single-use plastics by a further 20% by 2025.
  • We removed all the single-use plastic from our meeting rooms a few years ago.
  • We removed plastic straws from our café and offer paper straws on request.
  • We use bio-film in the packaging of the sandwiches we sell in our café (when they are made in-house).

Conservation and ecosystem

  • Relandscaped in 2016, our garden is an oasis of peace in the city and is accessible to all.
  • We have three beehives on our roof. The bees contribute to the Euston ecosystem by pollinating the flowers and trees in the area, beginning with our own garden.
  • Find out more about beekeeping at Friends House in this Eustontowner article.


  • There are excellent public transport links to reach our venue. Go to the Getting here page to see how to get to the venue.
  • There is a safe cycle parking in our courtyard for visitors and staff.
  • There is a cycle to work scheme available for all our staff.

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